He is good.


I fear, far too often, the work of His hands.

Isn’t that ironic? I, the selfish, vindictive, foolish, unwise, unsure, evil finite creature I am dreads what a sacrificing, forgiving, wise, sovereign, powerful, loving and infinite God will give to me.

But what this fear exposes is where my eyes are centered.

On me. On how I’m performing, how I’m failing, how I can maybe handle my life better than He.

This God, however, is good. He is better than I. He eternally gives of Himself for my joy and His glory. And all I have to do is, for a moment, take my eyes off myself and look toJesus. Oh, the God who takes my filth and my shame and offers instead great perfection and holiness is the same God who controls my future.

Nothing I have is outside His control. Nothing He gives me is evil. All He gives is good. All He does is perfect.

May we look at His goodness in the person and work of Christ today.


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