About Snix.

I have the best job ever:

I teach the Bible to high schoolers.

I also watercolor and take pictures and run and read and do anything creative I can.
I love tie dye and Camp and having people over for dinner and board games. I love color and light and the kingdom of God.
I listen to sermons and spend way too much money on craft supplies and really have a heart for the people of North Korea. I talk too much.

But what’s most important about me is that I am loved, loved, loved by the Creator of the universe. Jesus has won my heart for Himself. My life is His.

I blog because I want to record His grace and faithfulness in my life.
**Whatever ends up here are my personal views, not my employer’s.

I also update my pictures sometimes:
My snixie photography blog is here.
My snixie facebook is here.

And sell watercolors:
My Etsy shop is here.


One thought on “About Snix.

  1. Sarah this just reminded me of how wonderful you are. You are simply a jewel in a bucket of coal.

    I hope youre doing well!!!!!

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