Dear students,

Dear students, Right now as I write this letter, there are faces flashing across my mind. There’s I—and S— and J— and M— and C— and G— and S— and M— and K— and J— and S— and D— and E— and L— and A— and N— and P— and C— and M— and D— […]

Wilted Flowers

Fiction Her flowers were wilted. She sat staring at them, sitting in an empty jar looking poor and pathetic drooped over the sides. It was her own fault–the bottom of the jar was empty, all the water dried up by the poor, thirsty daffodils. She knew if she wanted to, she could pour some water […]

The Look

Fiction She was staring at him. She knew she was staring, but at the moment no one noticed, so it was ok. He still looked really, really good. Not happy, of course. Not like he did when they were together, but good. Really good. She watched carefully as he sat reading, his lips pushed to […]

Second Best

Fiction “I can’t do this anymore” she said quietly. “Well, if you want to, we can do something else,” He looked up from the puzzle they were working on, “Monopoly is always fun.” “No.” Her eyes were sad. “We could watch a movie, maybe?” “Stop.” He knew the moment she said it. He looked down […]