If you would have told me 8 years ago that I’d be a Bible teacher at a Christian school, I would have laughed at you. If you would have told me 8 years ago that I’d be in charge of a high school prom, I would have laughed at you. If you would have told […]

Sweet moments.

This summer, near the very beginning of the summer [I think it was the first real week of camp] we were facing a lot of difficult circumstantial issues. There were many things that kept cropping up, and so I wasn’t really surprised when Cheryl Anne asked me to announce for all the support staff to […]

Sweet words.

Sarah, Receive well. Let me give you grace. Let me lavish love on you. Do you see Me? Do you see the cross? Do you understand how I bore the weight of your sin and your mess there on that tree? I gave when you were weak and powerless. I gave of Myself. I sacrificed […]

I’m ready for…

…the heat to be scorching and unbearable. …cold early mornings that require long sleeves. …canoeing and hammocks and hikes. …lightning drills and the chaos of planning around them. …Catchphrase with the staff. …walking into the [old] Ranch House to check the mail. …the chapel trail. …runs to the Island when I don’t want to. …Chaco […]

Oh so grateful…

Things I’m grateful for today: Jesus and the cross that saves and sustains and protects, in spite of my selfish and prideful and idolatrous heart. Spring weather where the front door can stand open and the birds can be heard loud and clear. The combination of Casi Cielo and Sumatra coffees in the coffeemaker. Old […]

The process.

I hate the process. No, really. I like finished products. I like accomplishing things. I like checked-off to-do lists. And I love when I can look at something and say it’s done. It’s why I have a closet full of abandoned crafts that were taking too long to complete. It’s why I’m tempted to play […]

Through and Through.

You see me and you know me and you love me through and through I love songs with rich theological depth, songs that make me think and meditate on the complexities of the gospel and Christ’s sacrifice. But sometimes I need to be reminded of the sweet simplicity of grace – being known and loved […]

He is faithful to finish it.

I got an email tonight while reading/planning at Starbucks. It’s from a former camper who I talked to a little bit this past summer. Here’s part of it: Subject: He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion …When camp ended, I just couldn’t get over what you and I talked […]


This was one of my favorite songs we sang at CrossPointe, and I’ve had it on repeat these past few weeks. Isn’t it easy to give a lot of lip service to God’s sovereignty? I was texting with a dear sweet friend about how the Lord knows our painful situations and will not allow them […]