I’m ready for…

…the heat to be scorching and unbearable.

…cold early mornings that require long sleeves.

…canoeing and hammocks and hikes.

…lightning drills and the chaos of planning around them.

…Catchphrase with the staff.

…walking into the [old] Ranch House to check the mail.

…the chapel trail.

…runs to the Island when I don’t want to.

…Chaco tans.

…hi, hi, hiyah.

…chapel the first night compared with chapel the last night.

…Sunday mornings at the Drip.

…double-chocolate chip cookies.

…sunsets at the upper field.


…the chaos of camp-wide games.


…tie dye [!]

…quiet times before everyone wakes up.

…good conversations.

…sweet moments with Jesus.

…grace upon grace.

BUT today I am here, not there. Today I’m sitting in the break room at work, doing less exciting but no less essential kingdom work. Today I’ve got to give a quiz and a test and grade them this weekend while planning for next week. Today I’ve got 100 students that need Jesus just as much as the 1000 campers we’ll see this summer.

Pray that I, even in my excitement, not miss today because I’m looking for tomorrow?



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