Oh so grateful…

Things I’m grateful for today:

Jesus and the cross that saves and sustains and protects, in spite of my selfish and prideful and idolatrous heart.

Spring weather where the front door can stand open and the birds can be heard loud and clear.

The combination of Casi Cielo and Sumatra coffees in the coffeemaker.

Old friends that refresh my heart.

The privilege of teaching the Bible day in and day out even though I don’t deserve it.

Good haircuts.

Finishing a watercolor and loving it.

God’s faithfulness to refine and crush us for our good.

Sleeping in until 8 because it’s Spring Break.

Checking things off to-do lists.

Meeting new people who also have had their hearts captured by the gospel.

Waking up and realizing my birthday is in 2 days!

Good smelling candles from Bath and Body Works.

Dying to self.

The Avett Brothers, Jon Foreman, Mumford and Sons, Shane and Shane.

Colored tulips in the kitchen.

Getting emails that a monologue I wrote in high school is still being performed by people.

The tender, tender grace of a God who knows my weakness and loves still.

Handstands and cartwheels.


Honeymoon chats with the roommates.

Getting better at cooking.

God’s faithfulness to provide.

Hope that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

The ability to run, even when I hate it.

Knowing it is well with my soul.

Oh, all this is grace.


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