Life feels really crazy right now. It’s normal crazy in lots of ways, at least for teacher life [which is pretty crazy on its own]. Here’s a list of all the things/responsibilities going on:

1. Trying to move house stuff around for a new roommate to move in
2. Building shelves/refurbishing a shed for my things/her things3. Alumni Leadership Council
4. Photography stuff to finish
5. Prom [I’m a junior class sponsor, we have to do workshops]
6. Running [the half is this weekend!]
7. Church stuff [I’ve joined a small group on Mondays]
8. Trying to be the best teacher possible
9. Developing a potential gymnastics program at my school [before April]
10. Building relationships here

All of this [and the hundred other little things I’m forgetting] mean that life can seem very, very full. But it’s good, even in the hustle and bustle and difficulty.

I’ve been reading “Ruthless Trust: a Ragamuffin’s Path to God” by Brennan Manning and he talks a lot about how gratitude is an overflow of the heart that trusts God.

And I am grateful – for roommates and for redesigns and for feeling like this school is a little bit more home and for conversations with sweet students and wonderful notes in my box and chocolate chip cookies and SUFFERING that makes us look more like Jesus and the way the days are getting longer and the way I feel after long runs and even the pain of being able to run and giving books to students and coffee in the mornings and Saturdays when I get to sit and be with Jesus.

All these are grace. Because as much as I’m doing, doing, doing in all those areas of my life, my value and the gifts God gives me are not determined by how I perform. They’re only ONLY because Christ gave His life for me. They’re only because I can receive full rights of sonship in Jesus. They’re only because I’ve been adopted into God’s family and He’s a good Father who gives good gifts.

Let us rest in that truth even amidst the busy-ness.


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