This was one of my favorite songs we sang at CrossPointe, and I’ve had it on repeat these past few weeks.

Isn’t it easy to give a lot of lip service to God’s sovereignty? I was texting with a dear sweet friend about how the Lord knows our painful situations and will not allow them to consume us. Because Christ took the crushing that we deserve, we can know that our painful circumstances are only for our good and our joy, not to ruin us.

But man is it harder to believe that when we are in painful or even ordinary circumstances. It’s harder to trust God’s goodness when that friend has cancer or that financial situation looks impossible or that friend is barren or there doesn’t seem to be real community to be found anywhere. And I know for me it’s even harder to believe His sovereignty in the utterly mundane moments of life. It’s harder to believe that this life – this really normal and boring and lots of time uncomfortable life – is part of His plan to give me abundant life. This, Lord? You’re using this?

And the resounding answer is yes. He uses all things for His glory and my joy. He uses joyful circumstances [camp this summer], painful circumstances [leaving CrossPointe], and mundane circumstances [grading a hundred final exams] to transform me from one degree of glory to another. He’s good enough and powerful enough to use all these things to make me [and you] look more like Jesus.

So this Christmas rest knowing that He (our faithful and loving and KIND Father who gives good gifts) is in control of all things.


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