12 thoughts.

1. God is so kind to give us joy and friends.

2. “Sin is when our lives do not tell truths about God.” -Charles Price

3. I need to find a church and just give my life to it. I’m tired of not having a place to pour out.

4. I want to care more for the poor and needy. I don’t make time for that enough.

5. Fanny packs are very useful for holding all sorts of things.

6. I should share the gospel more. I love Jesus, I love people, I listen to the Spirit. Why am I not telling more people about Him?

7. I want to pray CONSTANTLY.

8. Now I want to see The Avett Brothers live again. And again. That was a really good show.

9. “It’s the kingdom, and then it’s nothing.”

10. I’m going to learn to love Acts. I’m doing my students and myself a disservice by not loving it.

11. I’m very much content, in spite of my questions and frustrations.

12. The Lord is so incredibly steadfast. I just want to be like Him.

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