50 Pleasures

On Thursday we talked about Genesis 2 – God creating Adam and Eve. One of the things I think sin does best is lie to us and tell us that God is against our joy and against our happiness, when in reality He is FOR our joy. We discussed from Genesis 2 how we can know that God is for us and not a cosmic joy-killer. I had the students think of their best day ever and then asked if it was best because it was a day full of sin.

One of the options for their homework was to write down 50 non-sinful pleasures. I loved reading their lists – and I copied at least one from each of their lists to share with you. [These are just the students who chose to do this option AND turned it in on time – I have more than this. ;)]

  1. Backpacking
  2. D-group at Starbucks
  3. Being able to talk to God
  4. Getting a top locker
  5. Channing Tatum
  6. Being in the perfect position to sleep
  7. God speaking directly to me
  8. Knowing you are loved
  9. Staying up late with friends
  10. Camp
  11. Talking to parents
  12. Board games
  13. Living in AMERICA
  14. Playing with Play-dough
  15. Good smelling guys [I may have mentioned that God created pheromones]
  16. New books
  17. Garlic bread
  18. Public speaking
  19. Writing a story
  20. Being right about something
  21. Getting a hole in 1 in Putt Putt
  22. Waking up at night knowing you still have awhile to sleep
  23. Community service
  24. The feeling when you come back to your house after a trip
  25. Going to an awesome school
  26. When people remember things about you that you thought they would forget
  27. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain.
  28. Finding that fry at the bottom of the McDonald’s bag
  29. Finding a verse that just assures all your doubts
  30. When you meet someone and you know you’re gonna be best friends
  31. When people tell you something you baked was really good
  32. The colors yellow and red
  33. Getting flowers
  34. The feeling when the guy you like likes you
  35. Relieving yourself
  36. Clean sheets
  37. Monster trucks
  38. Arts and crafts
  39. Smell of vanilla extract
  40. Getting a note in the mail
  41. Beef [A girl wrote this!]
  42. Sitting in hammocks
  43. Warm feeling of love
  44. Trying to break a world record
  45. Accomplishing goals without cheating
  46. The cool, biting, crisp, fresh air in Massachusetts
  47. Worship
  48. Shady trees
  49. Canoeing
  50. Celebrating holidays
  51. Learning history
  52. Star-tipping
  53. Catchphrase
  54. A good run
  55. Sharing my testimony
  56. Sneezing
  57. Craftsmanship
  58. When you finish the last stroke of a painting and step back and look at it
  59. Blankets
  60. The morning of your birthday
  61. Messes made when baking with friends
  62. Getting lost in Ikea
  63. Tie dying things

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