They’re engaged!

“We’re going to be friends forever, do you hear that? I want to see you as a soccer mom with a fanny pack!” -Ana

God is good and faithful, and Kent and Ana are a living example of that. If God has marriage for me, I only hope my husband and I can bring Him a small amount of the praise this couple already has. They love each other, and they love Jesus, and I am ohmygoodnessIcan’thandleit excited for them to be married.

The pictures are mostly blurry, but I don’t even care because they contain joy.

These ladies [**see previous blog post for all my love for them]:



Squinty eyes.

Favorite newly engaged pose:

“We always have to pose like this because we both have the same good side.”

[The Posse]

Dear, dear friends:


HOORAY for you two and for marriage…so good.


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