New Home!

I’ve moved. Again.

This means that every July/August for the past 3 years I’ve moved into a new home. I moved from the Little Blue House to the Apartment to the Park House to now my brand new ranch. Everything in this neighborhood is so quiet; it’s a huge adjustment from the park, where ice cream trucks blared their [very] repetitious songs day and night.

But I’ve found sweet joys, even in these few days. The backyard [I have a huge backyard; the lot is one acre!] has these pine trees that are just the right distance to hammock between. The light streams in one side of the house in the morning and toward the other in the evening. The kitchen has more counterspace than any kitchen I’ve ever lived in. And there are no bugs or mice. Anywhere. I’ve never lived in a house that didn’t have bugs or mice.


I’ve met my neighbors across the street; they like games and cooking and have already invited me over for game night. My next door neighbor is a sweet older couple who likes eating baked goods, and the guy down the street said he’d call the cops if he sees anything suspicious. The neighborhood is great for running, I’m a mile and a half away from a library branch, Starbucks, Panera, and Publix, and there’s a gym right around the corner.

I don’t have internet at the house – this may change when I’m in the middle of the school year and want to do grading at home, but for now it’s good. I read The Hobbit due to some pressure from camp friends and it was wonderful. Now I’m in the middle of St. Augustine’s Confessions and Eric Metaxas’ biography of Bonheoffer.

These things are great. But even better than all these is Jesus. Not having Internet or a TV or a roommate or friends here has meant that it’s just me in my house. Hours on end. And while it makes the extrovert in me very tired [literally], it makes the Spirit in me very happy. There is an intimacy with Him that I think only comes when there is no noise, few distractions, and just time to sit and be.

It’s not perfect. I’m frustrated at the church prospects here [Would it be bad if I went to church 45 minutes away?] and I’d like a roommate. I miss camp friends [achingly] and church friends and I’m pretty sure the trash men just didn’t pick up my trash this morning. But in spite of all these things, He is good. And I want to rejoice in His good gifts as they point me to Him more than I complain about little inconveniences or imperfections.

May we all rest in Him – our soul’s home – today.


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