1 Corinthians 15.22

Today I went to a women’s event at church.

During worship I wrote these words in my journal:

Lord, I want to be a woman of the Word. How little I know this book – how little it transforms my thoughts and life.

God, will you make me into a woman who knows your Word? Will you stir in my heart a greater desire to see your character revealed in its pages?

I so often read it with hermeneutical or historical eyes. Help me, instead, to read it with the eyes of a child.

Then the first session I went to was about being women of the Word. Well, okay.

The next session was with a lady who paints a lot, and she was talking about remembering God’s faithfulness to us. She shared with us how she started painting these pictures and adding verses to them, and how she has begun to believe the truth even more.

Then the last session I went to was on modern-day Ebenezers, stones of remembrance.

So here’s a watercolor. Of the Word. Of a truth that I want to soak in.



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