Who calls you to His kingdom.

This life is not about me. It’s not. Even as I’m sitting on my beautiful porch listening to the sounds of youth football and tennis racquets from across the street, feeling the cool fall air rest all around me, I’m reminded of how foolish I would be to think that I deserve all this. I don’t.

I don’t deserve this house. My friends. My church. My job. My health. My students. Jesus.

I sin daily in ways that should undermine my ability to have these things. I don’t clean my room like I should. I force my friends to fit my schedule. I don’t grade when I should and procrastinate on lesson plans. I overeat and underexercise. I become impatient and irritable. I ignore Him and presume upon grace and let others think I have my act together. If the things I had were earned, I would lose them all.

But God. He, as 1 Thessalonians 2:12 says “calls you into his own kingdom and glory.” I am not called into a kingdom that is based on works, or based on how many quiet times I’ve done. I’m not called to a kingdom in which the King is cruel or vindictive or punishing. I am called to a kingdom whose King sacrifices Himself for His people, who loves and forgives and empowers to walk in newness of life. I’m called to a kingdom that is about more than my happiness and more than my comfort and more than my own selfish demands. I’m called to a kingdom where living means dying to myself and surrendering my rights. It is an upside down kingdom with a very good Creator King.

May I “walk in a manner worthy of God” in response. May I really live as a member of the kingdom.



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