Soul, praise the Lord.

Praise Him because He has redeemed you.

Praise Him because He is ever faithful.

Praise Him because He does not yield to your demands.

Praise Him because He is perfect.

Praise Him because He loves that He loves that He loves.

Praise Him because He lifts the needy from the ash heaps.

Praise Him because He never stops giving grace.

Praise Him because He pursues even when you run.

Praise Him because He hears the cries of the needy.

Praise Him because He doesn’t give up.

Praise Him because He is kind and good and gracious.


Sin deceives us. It blinds us and it binds us and it convinces us that God doesn’t know what’s best.

My life moves at a speed of 1,000mph, and then it crashes when I get home and in all of it there’s little room for silence.

In that silence, I have little to no room to hear truth that combats the lies of sin.

I want to allow the Spirit to breathe life. To speak truth. To remind me of all the things that my head knows is true but my heart, even on its best day, doesn’t believe.

I want to praise Him, not out of command, but out of the overflow of a heart that is captured by grace.

I need stillness.



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