Naomi interpreted this terrible decade to be a sure sign that God was against her. It caused her to be self-absorbed. It caused her to look inward. It was all her. Me. God has done this to me. It caused her to miss an opportunity to make much of God, to display how God is better than temporal circumstances. It shrunk her view of God.
You see, Naomi attributed to God bitterness and anger. She said “God has done this to me. the Lord’s hand is against me.”
In one sense Naomi’s theology was half-right. She understood well that God was totally sovereign. But she misunderstood that God is also good. And she interpreted these events as being God’s judgment against her. She saw God to be mean-spirited, a God who dealt in karma, as a God who is punishing people for their sins…And friends, make no mistake. God does discipline his people and we face the consequences of sins. But…for God’s people the consequences we suffer for our sins are by no means the final statement of God. [Naomi] was interpreting consequences of their rebellion…as the final answer of all God had to say. And it made her bitter and it shrunk her view of God to a mere tribal deity.

-Brad Evangelista


This is my life. I was listening to the sermon from Sunday today and I was so convicted. May I not end up bitter like Naomi –  but trusting like Ruth.

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