A Whole New World.

If that didn’t make you think of Aladdin, something is wrong with your mind.

Ok, so I don’t know if anyone will read this, but it’s Sunday evening and so I’m staying at McDonalds and getting internet as long as I can (Don’t judge, Internet. I spend too much money at Starbucks and I already went today). So you get a blog.

Dr. Cooper mentions a lot that when we’re first making big decisions in life, God makes Himself really clear. He leads us, she postulates, very intentionally. Although I’m not sure that’s for all people at all times, I can tell you that it’s proven to be true for me. A job, an apartment (Lord willing – I find out tomorrow), even a church He has given me.

Let me just explain those 3:

1. A job. He led me so clearly to this job, and has been pulling my heart more toward middle schoolers. My 8th grade curriculum is so similar to the curriculum I used during student teaching, and this year the 6th and 7th grades are using the same curriculum so I only have two preparations. What grace!

2. An apartment. This was what I prayed for: An apartment that wasn’t too expensive but not in a sketchy area, a one-bedroom to open up since that’s hard around here, lots of natural light, and a short-term lease (because I don’t know what next summer holds).
If everything works out with this apartment, not only do I get all of those things, BUT I can decorate and paint and do whatever I want. Also…they’re installing new appliances as we speak. Please pray (if you see this before Monday) that it works out!

3. A church. I left a great church in Columbia (First Presbyterian) and a great church in Greenville (Greenville Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church). Can lightning strike 3 times? I was dubious, but I knew what I wanted in a church home. I wanted a church that exalted and proclaimed Christ – that valued the gospel and the truth of God’s exorbant grace. And I wanted a church that had lots of opportunities to get involved, because I want to be connected with a body of mature believers.

As I went to Starbucks to look up churches this morning, I decided to look at The Gospel Coalition’s website. I was planning on trying a Presbyterian church a few miles away, but figured I’d give TGC a try. Sure enough, there was one church associated with them in the Columbus area. I had visited their website a few weeks ago and had liked what I saw. As I sat in Starbucks I felt the Holy Spirit do that nudging thing He does and I decided to drive the 20 minutes to visit this church.
Here’s how it’s even better than I imagined: Not only was it a solid church with fantastic preaching (Favorite Lewis quote and that absolutely wonderful Abraham Kuyper quote that DCoop says in Psych of Learning both in the sermon…yes.), but they are just now starting their small groups up for the fall. AND they are about to move into their new building, which will be 5 minutes (or so) from my new apartment. So cool.
Ok. You’re sick of reading, I’m sure. But that’s it. Things to keep praying for:
1. Classes/my students/school.
-Please pray that I learn the flow and culture of school quickly; that I am able to learn all the fellow faculty AND my students’ names fast; that I am given supernatural wisdom in how to best teach these students; that their hearts would be open and ready to receive truth; and that somehow I can make my classroom look awesome.

2. A mentor.
-I’ve been praying for this one for a few years. Even after being here for only 2 days I can see that there is no shortage of incredibly wise and wonderful women, between school and church. But it’s a matter of God bringing the right one to love me well. So pray that God makes this area clear and allows me to be the beneficiary of discipleship!

3. The right ministry opportunities
-There’s just lots of opportunities here between church and the community and school and existing connections in the area. Pray that God gives me discernment as I decide what isn’t just good, but BEST.

That’s all. Let me know if I can pray for you. I don’t have a TV, so when I eat, I don’t have lots to do, so it’s a perfect time for me to pray for you!


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