Careful, please!

This spider has been living in the bush beside our porch since we moved in, and every day when I have my quiet time I look over and see him. Some days, he’s just sitting there. Other days, his web is moving violently as he travels around it. Still other days, like today, he’s doing repairs from where the wind or the dew has caused his web to shrink up.

This morning I watched as he spun the thin outside threads of his web, and then carefully went into that middle section. I wish I knew what sort of spider he is – it’s really fascinating the way the threads become thicker.

As I watched him weave with such carefulness, I was reminded of how not like that I am. I’m not careful with my words. I’m not careful with my actions. I throw what I do around and often times people get hurt. I say things without thinking how they’ll impact people, and I act so selfishly so often. Because of that, instead of making something good I just make a mess of lots of situations.

Because (as we say in education) all truth is God’s truth, I was reminded that I could be more careful with my words. People are fragile and like a web need to be handled with gentleness.

Thanks little spider buddy that I should name. I needed to see you work on your web this morning.


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