Hurry up, ok?

Sometimes I find myself wishing so badly that God worked quickly. I look at those areas of my life where I know He needs to change me and I want to point my finger like I used to at stale red lights and say “Change!” and suddenly it’s green.

Except I can’t see the other light turning yellow and so I find myself saying “Change! Ok….now! Now change! And this time I mean it…change!” and still staring at a red light.

I look back at things that God has changed in my life and it’s evident that there was nothing I could do to speed up the process. There were times of trusting and doubting, quiet confidence that He could handle it and loud rebellion, but still it had to be His work. There were issues in my life that I never thought would be settled and suddenly here they are – settled. His work.

As I look to the future and see the doubt with which I tend to approach it, I want to point my finger at God and say “now give me faith!” But God doesn’t work like that. Even as I acknowledge that it is His work and submit to that, I must also submit to His timing. In the words of Dr. Layman, “God grows things”. He is slowly and patiently at work in my life, and He knows the best timing possible.

It always comes down to trust…so as I reflect on God’s faithfulness to provide in the past, I am stocking my heart with the ability to trust Him for the future. Oh for grace to trust Him more!


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