I listened to/watched this after school today.
I’ve been praying a lot about how to fight temptation recently, how to fight against sin. We’ve been talking about this at school a lot, and I’ve heard a lot of truth about this. But for some reason this message was different.

Piper talks about using the Word to fight against sin. He goes from the general, the theological, and turns toward the specific. He gives a few really great examples at the end, of lying/stealing, lust, and anger. But don’t skip the whole thing just to get to the end.

The gospel means that I have all I need. I don’t have to look for acceptance and love and favor from anything. No man, no friend, no student, no grade, no money, no talent, no beauty, absolutely nothing will ever satisfy my heart’s need for approval and love. But He has loved me with steadfast love, He has forgiven all my sins, and healed all my diseases. He has redeemed my life from the pit and crowned me with love and tender mercy.

Oh, how I have sought to live life on my own! I have looked to all of these things to satisfy. I am so often senseless and ignorant, a brute beast before God. I constantly look at Him, hold out my hand, and say no thanks.

I see ways that God works in the lives of others and sometimes I become so embittered and angry. I don’t trust that He’s good and I don’t trust that He cares and I don’t trust that He’s powerful. I doubt and I rebel and I just sin.

But He is faithful. He is steadfast. He is kind. He is strong. He is just. He is holy.

I want that kind of love to be lived through me to my students. I want them to be more convinced when I leave in 4 weeks that God loves them. I want them to understand that if they truly have resurrection life in them, they can say no thanks to God as much as they want and still Hebrews 13:5 remains true.

He will never leave us.


Edited to say hello to Austin, Marianna, Emily, and Emsley, who chatted with me for awhile after school today. 🙂


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