A few pictures.

These are a few pictures from here. I don’t tend to take my camera a lot, mainly because when I’m alone it seems strange to be taking a ton of pictures.

But last weekend I took Josh to a Sabres baseball game:

He was maybe a little bit bored at times…

So I let him use my camera to take a few pictures…

And then he met a friend named Grayson and they played while I watched the game.

Even though the guys lost (they were playing the second best team in the state), it was really fun to be able to watch them. 🙂

Last night, Joy and I went to my cooperating teacher’s house. I didn’t really get any good pictures because it was dark, but we had some delicious taco salad and had a wonderfully encouraging evening hanging out with her and some of her friends.

Today, I went to church and now am trying to make a good dent into my to-do list!
I hope everyone is having a wonderfully relaxing weekend, and that you enjoyed the pictures.
P.S. Can I just add that I am so grateful for my D90?? Praise the Lord for good things. 🙂


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