I’ve been reading the John Piper book Desiring God recently. I’m not sure why I never read it before – perhaps time – but God has been using it to speak truth to my heart. I’ve read a lot of Piper’s other works, including Don’t Waste Your Life, but it’s Desiring God that is causing me to think more deeply about the shape of my life.

If I may be brutally honest, before I left for student teaching I was wrestling with where my spiritual life had gone. Not that I was walking away from Christ, but more that I lacked the same passion for the gospel I once had. I lost the delight in the news of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. I felt like I was even losing spiritual maturity.

I don’t know all the reasons why I was in that place. But I know that being in Greenville was a great catalyst for change. Fighting to make sure above all else I have God and I time before I leave for school has been a huge, huge part of this shift. Eliminating static and filling my mind with good gospel truth has been a large element. All of this has caused change in my walk.

I want God to be demonstrated as glorious through my life. I want the wonder of His redeeming love to be proclaimed  by my lips and through my life. I want all those around me to see my life and burst into praise of His work and might. Oh, that Christ would be renowned in my life! That others would not see me or my talents or my gifts but that they would see Christ!

I’ve been praying a lot in the past week about how to love others well and minister to others. How can I really be a minister of God’s grace – to have such “an overflow of joy in God that gladly meets the needs of others” (Piper’s quote)? What does that look like to meet the needs of others? What did Christ do to meet the needs of those around Him? How can I love them the same? Am I asking God to give me opportunities to love others, or give me eyes to see where they need to experience His grace, or am I simply waiting until someone asks me to love or encourage them?

I am not sufficient for any of this. I need daily to sit at the feet of Christ, to soak in His word, and receive enough food to be strengthened for this task. If I am to love my students well, if I am to love my friends well, if I am to love strangers well, I must be held up by His love and His mercy. When I forget that I have nothing without Him and am nothing without Him, I will fail.

For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.



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