working for the weekend

It’s the end of the weekend, and along with the Superbowl, the main-thing on my to-do list tonight is to get ready for the week.
I’ve only got 4 preps this week because it’s a flex week so Tuesday and Thursday are block schedules. Last week was so wonderful that I wonder if this week will be anywhere close. Plus Dr. Cooper is observing me so I’m a little worried about that.

Today I went to Greenville ARP. I really enjoyed it and was welcomed warmly by the congregants and the pastor. I plan on making it my church “home” while I’m here in Greenville.

I hope all is well with everyone. Again, text or email if you need anything!


One thought on “working for the weekend

  1. sorry about the random call tonight, i was looking desperately for justins number, but i got it. hope things go well with dr. c tomorrow. we need to skype soon yea?? i want to hear about how things are going for you!!

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