Great Love.

Today I taught for the first time. I stood in front of students and spoke of my life, and how Jesus has transformed me. I spoke of His grace and mercy extended to me.
Then I went over Islamic Psychology and their views of man, and contrasted that with Biblical Christianity.
At the end of class, I took up their information sheets they wrote and I gathered their homework.
I graded during my planning period and after school, and entered their grades into the grade book.
There will be good days and bad days.  But this was one of those days where I left school saying “I LOVE teaching!!”

I almost cried three times today. In7th and 8th periods I almost cried when talking about Colossians 1.
And I almost cried when I looked over their information sheets remembering all of them looking at me as I taught.

There really aren’t words to explain the feeling of love I had and have toward these students. If I really think about it I will cry. Some of them know Jesus, I can tell. Their eyes lit up when I talked about his grace. Others of them think this is a joke. I could tell they can’t wait to be done. The majority of them aren’t sure. They’re still on the edge of forgetting about all this.

But how I love them. Oh how my heart just longs for every single one of them to know the great grace offered in Christ. There are so many of them with great potential. And so many more that are seen as invisible but have such great potential too!

I feel so inadequate for this task. My lessons aren’t really that coherent and I’m trying to figure out how to best communicate to them. I’m not confident enough to go into the lunchroom and sit with them so I just sit in the classroom and eat and grade during lunch.

But I know that this love I feel toward them is His grace. My cooperating teacher today shared some things about how she knew that God put me with her for a reason, and how it was an unexpected answer to prayer. I know that absolutely nothing is out of His control, and that He orchestrated my being here for these students right now.

Today was a good day. Here’s to many more.


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